Have you been looking for a stylish and unique way to upgrade your home’s interior? Interior stonework has been on the rise in the Portsmouth, Newport and surrounding Rhode Island areas for years now. Just as you can get creative with exterior masonry and hardscaping designs, so too can you bring those same imaginative ideas into your own home with the help of Premier Landscape.

Interior Masonry as Art

Think of stonework not just as a material, but as a building block to create a work of at. Our masonry design and installation company uses your home as a canvas to create these functional works of art in your home that will last for years to come. In the past, we have helped homeowners dream up grand fireplaces — but the creativity doesn’t stop there. Stone accent walls, indoor bars and even entranceways are all within the scope of our work here at Premier Landscape. Not only will you and your family enjoy the beautiful appearance and hand-cut and installed stonework, but you will also benefit from an increased home value.

These days, buyers in the Rhode Island area are looking for homes with unique features both inside and out. A stone accent wall or a custom-made stone bar or bathroom is a feature most buyers won’t forget. The best part about opting for interior or exterior masonry service from Premier Landscape is that it is 100% guaranteed to last. If you have existing exterior hardscaping or masonry work, our team of professionals can work to incorporate that same look and feel for the interior masonry so that there is a seamless transition from outside to in.

To improve your home’s value and create a unique living space for your family, contact Premier Landscape today and let’s start designing your home’s new look! We will get back to you with an accurate project estimate within 48 hours.