If you want to add a unique element to your backyard, start with an eye-catching water feature. If you already have one and it’s just not putting a smile on your face, here’s how a mason might spruce up it up in Newport, RI.

Water features relieve stress and create a serene, peaceful environment. They are becoming more common in backyards, as more people seek an escape from their stressful lives.

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Elevate the Water with a Water Wall

A water wall is without a doubt one of the most stunning water features that instantly transforms an ordinary backyard into a showstopper. A pump circulates water to the top of a section of wall (usually free-standing), and water trickles or spills over the surface back to the reservoir. If you already have an existing but “blah” masonry water feature, a mason may be able to add height to it and transform it into a water wall. A water wall is typically 6’ or taller, which can serve double duty as a privacy wall. The entire water wall can be masonry construction for a more dynamic fall of water; or, the structure can be masonry posts and the surface that water flows over can be opaque tempered glass, copper, steel, or another smooth material. The soothing sounds of a water wall make it a perfect backdrop for dining, relaxing, meditation, or yoga. 

A Welcoming Place to Sit

Backyard ponds – especially those that feature a waterfall – are wonderful places to relax and de-stress. However, if the edge of the pond is landscaped and there’s no place to sit, you may be stuck admiring it from afar. A mason can build a small patio adjacent to the pond. This space can be small enough to accommodate two Adirondack chairs, or a bistro table, or a simple rustic bench. Using natural stone pavers (or concrete pavers made to look like flagstone or bluestone) will integrate this micro-patio into the landscape. 

Enhance any water feature by offering a place to sit. A permanent stone bench with a comfortably angled back rest will transform the fountain into a destination!

An Upcycled Waterfall

If you already have a pond with a waterfall (or a pondless waterfall) in place and a pile of unused natural stone or concrete pavers or wall units, a mason can give a waterfall more height and/or width, and create a dramatic waterfall that features more ledges and smaller places for multiple streams of water to flow down.

On a smaller scale, a mason can create naturalistic fountains using thin stacked stones or leftover concrete pavers. These small fountains have a rugged hand-stacked look, but they are held together with mortar for safety. Place one at your front entry, and a few more throughout the landscape.


Masonry water features become more interesting with the addition of a few metal bowls beneath the spouts. Who can resist the melodious sounds of cascading water? Depending on the material used, the bowls will have a sleek look (stainless steel) or will have developed a patina (copper, concrete, or steel).


Lighting can be incorporated into any masonry water feature to create a magical space after dark. Underwater lights illuminate the water from below to cast mesmerizing shadows.

These are just a few ideas for breathing new life into a boring water feature. Give us a call today to get your water feature ready for summer entertaining!

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