It finally feels like the summer season is settling in for good this time in Rhode Island, and that means homeowners should start to think about a plan of action to maintain their yard.

As a Rhode Island landscaping company that puts people first, we have a few trade secrets we’d like to share with you on how to achieve that perfect lawn all through summer.

  1. Stop Weeds in Advance. Why wait until you see the weeds to start fighting them off? You never know when weeds have taken root in your lawn, so it’s best to use environmentally friendly weed prevention products to eliminate crabgrass before it even has a chance to take a hold on your property.
  2. Remove Larger Weeds Once Visible. If you forgot to pre-treat your lawn and you’re seeing larger weeds such as dandelions and clover, then you’ll have to go on the attack. Use granular weed removal products or pull them out by hand.
  3. Mow Grass Frequently. As a professional landscaping company, we see many lawns in the Rhode Island area that have been mowed too low and too infrequently. It’s important for the health of your grass to not cut off more than a third of the blade and mowing frequently prevents weeds.
  4. Sharpen the Mower Blade. Just as a dull turkey carving knife can ruin a dinner, a dull mower can also ruin your grass. Dull blades result in a jagged grass blade edge that ends up browning in the sun, leaving your lawn looking dull.
  5. Use Sprinklers in the AM. It may seem to make sense to water during peak summertime hours, but watering your lawn in the morning will give the lawn a chance to absorb the needed water while not evaporating in the afternoon heat.
  6. Give Your Lawn Food. Yep, you heard us right. Plants love Nitrogen (a common element found in decaying organic matter), so why not return some of that compost back to the earth in the form of fertilizers? At Premier Landscape LLC, we use fast and slow-release fertilizers for the best lawn appearance.
  7. Tell Fido Where To Go. For those who have a family dog, we all know how much they love to roam freely throughout the yard. However, when your dog relieves itself, the chemicals released are toxic to your grass. Be sure to have an area specifically for your dog so the rest of your yard won’t suffer.
  8. Repair Bare Patches. If you still notice brown spots, it’s not a bad idea to reseed your lawn. Or don’t hesitate to call Premier Landscape LLC and we’ll head out to revive your yard and make it look lush and healthy again!