Independence Day weekend is almost upon us and it’s a mad dash to get your home ready for out of town guests. Aside from heading to the grocery store to stock up on food for grilling and beverages for the cooler, don’t forget to make a great first impression by picking up some flowers at a local nursery for your patio or porch!

Patriotic Flowers for Your Outdoor Space

Since the theme this weekend is red, white and blue, our landscape design company has a few annuals and perennials that will fit right in. Here are a few of our favorites.

Red Flowers

  • Red Petunia – These hardy flowers thrive well in the summer heat and don’t need to be watered often
  • Cardinal – It doesn’t get more red than this. The Cardinal flower is know for it’s deep red coloration
  • Red Carnation – Although Carnations come in other colors, the red hue is strikingly beautiful
  • Red Tulips – Another flower that comes in a variety of colors, red tulips look great in any flower arrangement

White Flowers

  • White Lilly – A popular floral arrangement flower, lillies give off a pleasant scent and a large bloom
  • Gerbera Daisy – Bright and cheerful and guaranteed to make any of your guests smile. Sizes vary as well.
  • Daisy – A cheerful little flower, daisies look great in terracotta pots placed throughout your outdoor space
  • Peony – These gorgeous big white flowers will steal the show in any arrangement and they smell divine!

Blue Flowers

  • Cornflower – These produces beautiful blue blooms
  • Grape Hyacinth – Although these blooms may look like grapes, they have a deep blue hue
  • Hydrangea – These massive flowering bushes have large heads filled with many little flowers
  • Blue Delphiniums – This hardy perennial features blue blooms atop twig-like spires

It’s time to get into the patriotic spirit when it comes to decorating your outdoor space! If you need some last minute landscape and garden ideas, contact Premier Landscape, your go-to residential landscape and hardscape company in Newport County.