Your backyard is the place you go to get away, entertain guests, and relax during your time off. Having a modern outdoor kitchen and bar will enhance your experience by putting you at ease and providing convenient comfort for entertaining. If you want to enhance your backyard with some fresh takes, we’ve got a few ideas for bringing it up to date in Newport, RI.


Modern Masonry

Using masonry to construct your backyard area is an absolute must, and you can do so with modern style. We work with the highest quality masonry that will not only look great, but also stand up to usage and retain its durability. Use masonry for your patio, as it’s a serious upgrade to other patio surfaces. You can also really personalize your style, using different types of pavers to create a unique look with accents and borders. Another advantage to pavers is that they’re available in styles that are stain resistant and non-slip, which is perfect for outdoor cooking areas. They’re also available in permeable styles so that rainwater or runoff doesn’t sit on top, but rather goes back into the groundwater system, making it green and efficient on your home. Finally, you can use masonry to construct your outdoor kitchen, island, and bar. Mix and match materials, or choose one for a cohesive look.

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Fiery Style

Adding some fire into your outdoor entertaining area is a great way to mix it up and add more interest to your design. There are many ways to incorporate fire into your outdoor area, like fire pits, fireplaces, or even tabletop fire features. If you want to concentrate the design to your bar, you can add a tabletop fire feature provided your bar is open and there’s no structures above it like a roof or a pergola. If your bar or island stands alone, you could add a fire bowl to both ends for a symmetrical look. For an even fresher take, install a round island bar and place your fire bowl in the middle for a hot centerpiece. For something cozier, add a fireplace to the entertaining space where the guests at your bar will face.

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Water Feature

Incorporating a water feature into your outdoor entertaining design would add a fresh element that provides a treat for the senses. The sound of the water is relaxing and creates an upscale ambiance. There are various types of water features that you could choose from, depending on how big or small you’d like it to be. The latest trend in water features is to incorporate a spout-like feature into a masonry wall. This type of feature is a great complement to modern masonry and can be added to the walls enclosing your patio or entertaining area. If you want something more naturalized, consider adding in a waterfall near plantings. Rocks and stones can be added to create a natural waterscape that provides you with a gorgeous scene for your outdoor entertaining areas. Adding a water feature adjacent to your bar will make your home the go-to spot for a relaxing drink.

We want your backyard entertaining area to be perfect, and that means choosing a kitchen and bar that will make your home stand out.