It’s grilling season in Rhode Island and there’s nothing more special than getting friends and family together on the backyard patio for drinks, music and food. Backyard patios are a great feature to have in the backyard due to their versatility in style, material, and size. Unlike wood decks, stone patios are easy to install and require less maintenance when installed properly.

If you’re opting for a stone patio installation this season, Premier Landscape can incorporate an outdoor kitchen into the initial design. Using 3D CAD imaging software, our landscape design team can map out and include various outdoor kitchen aspects into your patio. Here are a few must-have features:

  • The outdoor bar. Everyone loves heading to outdoor bars, so why not bring this fun activity straight to your home? Premier Landscape has designed dozens of outdoor bars for homeowners all over Rhode Island. Simply let us know what type of material you’re thinking and how many guests you’d like to have seated and we’ll come up with a design.
  • Built-in cooler. Nothing says “prepared” more like a built-in outdoor cooler for those warm days and nights. Our landscaping company is more than capable of handling the wiring to make sure your cooler is working properly from the moment you switch it on. Make it custom with an easy-access opening at the top.
  • Fire pit lounge. If your yard has the space, it’s always a great option to expand your outdoor kitchen into a lounge area. Premier Landscape recommends a built-in fire pit that your guests can sit around on those cool summer nights. Our job is to ensure that the space flows nicely from the outdoor kitchen and bar to the fire pit and lounge area.
  • Storage space. Just as you would want plenty of storage space in your indoor kitchen, homeowners are also looking for year-round storage features for their outdoor kitchens. No need to have to stash your grilling utensils and materials in the garage anymore! Premier Landscape is capable of customizing cabinetry with your outdoor kitchen area so that you can quickly access plates, utensils, candles and more.

Interested in learning more about what our Rhode Island landscape and hardscape design company can do for your outdoor space? Request a free project estimate today and give us a brief overview of what you want your outdoor space to look like. We’ll reach out to you with an estimate within 48 hours!