Fall Cleanup Services

fall cleanupIt’s fall season once again in Rhode Island and although the changing of the leaves is beautiful, the aftermath is somewhat overwhelming. Premier Landscape is here to provide you with fall season cleanup services so you aren’t stuck with the job of raking your entire yard free of leaves.

How your yard can benefit from fall cleanup

Fall cleanup is important so that your yard and lawn are ready for the winter months. Our professional landscapers will meticulously remove the leaves from your yard, trim back shrubs and cut back perennials — anything your landscape may need before the first true frost arrives in Newport County.

Fall Lawn Care Services Include

  • Aerating – Lawn aeration is needed in order for your grass to have proper air circulation, collect the nutrients it needs to grow strong roots, and to absorb water more efficiently. Aerating is ideal during the early fall season because this gives the grass plenty of time to heal and fill the holes once the soil plugs are removed.
  • Slice Seeding – Unlike overseeding, slice seeding places each grass seed directly into the soil in order to yield better results. With overseeding, sometimes the seeds don’t always make it to the soil, and therefore never germinate. Slice seeding ensures a better germination rate!
  • Hydroseeding – Also known as hydro-mulching, Premier Landscape uses a premium blend of seed and mulch in order to grow your new lawn quickly and efficiently. Hydroseeding is an excellent option for newly constructed homes as opposed to sowing dry seed. The added mulch, nutrients and moisture allows for speedy lawn growth.
  • Overseeding – Keep your lawn looking green, healthy, and full this fall by overseeding. The process of overseeding involves planting grass seed directly on existing turf without the need to disturb your lawn. This service is ideal for those looking to fix bare patches and improve color and density.
  • Sod Installation – Installing sod is a great option for you if you’ve recently moved into a newly constructed home. Sod allows you and your family to enjoy a new lawn much faster than you would if you opted for growing a lawn from seed. The fall season is the best time of year for sod installation due to moderate temperatures and decent rainfall.

Let Premier Landscape help improve your yard this season

Despite what many think, the fall season is actually ideal for lawn improvement and growth, which is why we provide a wide variety of lawn renovation services such as overseeding, hydroseeding, or slice seeding; lawn aeration and sod installation services are also available. Giving your lawn plenty of air, nutrients and water is key to it’s longevity and survival through the winter months. Our fall lawn care services are guaranteed to make the roots of your grass grow strong and all of those bare patches will be filled in thoroughly as if they weren’t there to begin with!


Leaf Removal

It’s important to keep your lawn tidy and clear of debris and dead leaves throughout the fall season for many reasons. It may look picturesque to see leaves falling in your yard, but if they remain on the grass for too long they could end up robbing the turf of air, water and nutrients. Premier Landscape provides thorough leaf removal services to ensure that your lawn stays healthy this year.

Shrub Pruning

During the fall, shrubs should be cut back in order to keep the plant healthy and to prevent it from overwhelming the rest of your yard or garden. Our lawn care professionals will thin out the branches of your shrubs as well as remove any broken or diseased branches. We’ll also look for any growing issues such as crossing or circling roots. Pruning is best to manage pests, encourage flowering during the spring, and helps achieve a desired shape for your shrubs.

Perennial Trimming

A key fall yard maintenance task but one that many homeowners often neglect, cutting back perennials is key to your plant’s longevity and rigor. Premier Landscape will cut back the browned and withered stems of your perennials in order to encourage new growth in the spring. Pruning and cutting back will also ensure that these plants don’t invade nearby flowers and shrubs during the spring growing season.

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