We believe that we all have to do our part in conserving the environment. From changes to our corporate office, to offering more eco-friendly services, we are doing just that.

decastrolandscaping_20Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers play a huge role in helping with runoff solutions. Interlocking pavers are installed on a crushed stone aggregate, and joints are filled with a permeable material. Water is allowed through the joints, passing through the layers of stone aggregate, and being filtered before re-entering the water table. This eliminates water runoff entirely. This water can be captured, stored, and reused if desired. Storm water management is becoming a larger and larger issue every year. Do your part by calling us today for a free estimate on a permeable driveway or parking lot.

Rain Water Collection

Rain water can be captured through gutters, driveways, or even just a low spot in your lawn. The water can be filtered, stored, and re-used with the use of underground tanks and pumps. Imagine being able to run your entire irrigation system, water your gardens, and wash your car, all using FREE filtered rain water!

Here at the Office

At Premier Landscape, we take pride in our efforts to be eco-friendly. We offer paperless accounting, e-mailing of invoices, and we implement recycled products throughout the office.