For many homeowners, space in their backyard comes at a premium, and the thought of installing an in-ground pool can seem like a pipe dream. Even the most diminutive yards can accommodate a place to take a plunge. A pool can actually end up making great use of an otherwise wasted space. With the right inspiration and a little know-how, your trusted landscaper can help you make a real splash in your Middletown, RI, backyard. Still skeptical? Read on and we’ll show you how easy it is to add an in-ground pool to your yard.

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Long and Narrow

Small swimming pools are generally 600 square feet or less, and if you plan accordingly, you’ll be able to use that narrow strip of space in your backyard for the perfect place to take a dip. Don’t worry, you won’t have to forgo your outdoor kitchen and patio space; an expert landscaper can take all of your wants and needs into account to create a cool compact entertainment area. Think sleek, modern lines and materials to make the most of this less-is-more in-ground pool.


Water Feature Focal Point

When you’re designing a pool for your small backyard, one way to make the most of your space is by adding an impressive water feature. A waterfall, fountain, or even lighting and landscaping around the pool can help your little swim space double as a pretty decorative feature. Ask your landscaper what options they would suggest to create an impressive water feature in your small backyard pool.


Unique Shapes

Problematic spaces call for innovative answers! If your backyard is an awkward shape, consider installing a pool in a unique silhouette to match. Think of unique geometric shapes, or even a letter shape to honor the family name. The sky’s the limit when you’re designing your own pool! Kidney or amoeba-shaped pools are also ideal for this very situation, as they can wrap around patios, awkward corners, and other areas to help you create a custom swimming space. Just be sure to strike the perfect balance between utility and art so your pool can be used for recreation and not just decoration.

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Hot Tub Sidecars

If you have a small backyard, you can still have the best of both worlds when you install a dual in-ground pool and hot tub. There are a variety of configurations you can apply to enjoy a hot or cool dip in your own backyard, from small circular pools with integrated hot tubs to long and narrow rectangular pools with square hot tubs at the end.

Small swimming pools have a variety of benefits over larger pools; they’re generally easier to maintain, more economical to operate, and can even be heated more effectively, too. Just because you don’t think you have the space for an in-ground pool in your small backyard doesn’t mean you should forget the idea altogether. Talk with your landscape professional to see what options are available to you, and you’ll be surprised that swimming in your own backyard may be more accessible than you ever imagined!