Deciding that you’d like an outdoor fireplace is an easy decision. There’s nothing like enjoying the company of family and friends amid the backdrop of brisk air contrasted with cozy, bright warmth. The hard part arises when it’s time to choose the right seating arrangement around your new outdoor fireplace in Bristol, RI. Whether you choose to install a permanent hardscape feature as your seating or rely on moveable outdoor furniture, you can use various tricks to ensure that the area is always inviting to your family and guests. The seating paired with your outdoor fireplace needs color, cleanliness, and convenience.

Incorporate Color

Key to any landscape design is color. Your choice of color and the power of its use can make your space either welcoming or cold. While the various options are clear as you scour the available choices of outdoor furniture and accessories, you’ll find a surprisingly high degree of color and contrast is also possible with permanent hardscapes. A professional in the field of landscape design can help build a functional and colorful seating wall that works with your needs, your home, and your aesthetic preferences. Interesting patterns, bands of accent color, and even a monolithic unit in contrasting color will draw the attention of your guests.

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Clean Lines and Clean Seating

The dirtiness of an untended fall outdoor area is off-putting to say the least. Make sure that the outdoor seating you choose can be easily cleaned and maintained. With permanent seating, many materials on offer promote a durable sense of freshness with specific formulations meant to prevent staining, fading, and aging. Your guests will appreciate the new, clean feeling of your outdoor fireplace when they approach a seating area that remains beautiful throughout its lifetime. Without the clunkiness of hefty outdoor furniture, your patio space will have a complete, clean aesthetic with seating that belongs to the design as an integral component.

Consider Convenient Use

A permanent seating wall surrounding your outdoor fireplace offers an impressive degree of convenience. The seating will be there whenever you decide a fireside chat is in order. Planned events, a visit with friends, and even an unexpected romantic evening won’t require prior planning or arrangements to ensure that outdoor furniture is in place. To make sure that your convenient hardscape seat remains convenient, take note of wind patterns, the available view, and even the proximity to the home. This seat will be permanent, so you’ll want its placement and design to make your lifestyle easier rather than serve as a constant reminder of what you should have done instead.

The seating should ideally face the view that’s most pleasing from the yard, be downwind in typical weather, and be as close as possible to an entrance of the home without being unsafe or in the way of other patio features. A professional consultation is essential to the design and fabrication of your perfect outdoor fireplace seating. The improvement of your outdoor experience and home value make the choice clear when you’re choosing between outdoor furniture and a hardscape seating plan for your outdoor fireplace.

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