When deciding on enhancements to your Newport, RI, landscape, consider the many ways that stone walls can work some add beauty to your backyard. From design features and functionality to additional seating or even privacy partitions, a new stone wall could be a welcome addition, and a qualified mason can work with you to craft the kind of stone wall you want. Premier Landscape can offer you a variety of stone wall options to bring both more style and function into your backyard.

Style and Function

A low-rise rock wall is an elegant design element for front lawns or backyards. They can add character and be selected from a variety of materials that complement your home style and landscape through color, texture, and design. When installed correctly, hardscaping elements like rock walls will endure and could add to your overall property value.

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Retaining walls are a great option to adapt an uneven yard, by either have one carved into a slope or made to fill a sunken area. They help to develop new accessible, flat surfaces, on which to build a patio or create a terraced garden. Retaining walls also help to decrease runoff in sloped yards, where it can otherwise pull away the top layer of soil, plants, and other garden elements.

Whether your new stone walls are made for function or purely for decoration, consider carefully the materials and construction required to produce gorgeous structures. Your contractor can help you choose between natural or manufactured stones, and what size and material would best complement your landscape.

Built-in Features

Stone retaining walls can also come into play when adding water features to your landscape, by offering necessary support. A fountain seeming to flow gracefully through a wall at the end of a pool can add a striking visual element. A curved stone wall that wraps around a hot tub could tie your favorite water feature with a nearby patio.

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Masonry also plays a big role in outdoor kitchen design, by supporting grills and ranges, or even pizza ovens. And they could shape an elegant bar for casual entertaining. You may want a consistent look to tie all your hardscape features together, including other walls and stairs. A traditional brick kitchen works with a more classic home and formal landscape, while natural stacked stone creates a more rustic atmosphere and is great for grills, open ovens, and relaxing fire pit areas in particular.

Seating Options

Inviting seating areas are an important part of any welcoming backyard design or outdoor kitchen area. Stone walls can be crafted that are low for easy seating and can be topped with plush cushions for comfort. Topping low walls with flat stones for a smooth surface add flexible seating just about anywhere in your landscape.

Your Premier Landscape contractor will help you determine the right height, stone construction, and materials for the kind of stone walls you’re envisioning.