A landscape design the entire family can take advantage of and enjoy are a priority for some homeowners in Little Compton, RI. If you’re contemplating ways you can make your outdoor living space more family friendly, check out these landscape design ideas:

Freedom of Movement

When you have family members who need to wiggle and run around, a landscape that encourages easy movement is essential. Changes in your landscape design could be incorporated that keep the little ones safe from the road and let them do as they please under your watch. This could involve strategically placing trees or shrubs toward the perimeter of your backyard. Or you could look into aesthetically pleasing retaining walls. You may also want to add in paths or a walkway for easier navigating from poolside to the outdoor living room. Another thought is to extend the patio if your family is getting bigger and you need more space for Sunday brunches and evening family dinners.

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All Kinds of Seating Options

Just as you have your individual taste, so does each member of your family. You want everyone to be comfortable in your backyard and, very likely, you want them to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Inviting seating areas, with plush and colorful cushions and pillows, can do the trick. Consider mix-and-match chairs and a large outdoor sofa for your patio or preteen-friendly bar stools for your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Warmth

Bring warmth to your outdoor living space. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit will be inviting to all ages, from young tots who love s’mores to sullen teenagers who can’t resist relaxing by warm flames. Set in an area with comfortable seating, both these landscape options will give your family ample room to curl up around the fire source. A fire pit or fireplace could serve as an outdoor refuge for your Little Compton, RI, property in the cooler months. With 33 inches of snow yearly, 7 inches more than the national average, you want to maximize the times you get to spend outdoors. Gathering around for some relaxing conversations and maybe even ghost stories will make for memorable moments that will get you through winter.

Adorn with the Little Things

Think of your home’s interior. The touches and accents you’ve added to reflect the interests of your family can be extended into your landscape design. Not only will they make the spaces more visually appealing, but family members can add their own touches to really make it feel like a family-friendly space. You could have a simple water feature added to your landscape design. Plants in intricate stands also add aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces.

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Nonslip Surfaces

With all the traversing and running around that has become a part of your everyday life, nonslip surfaces for your outdoor floors is a must. At Premier Landscape, we can advise you on the best slip-resistant options for steps, patios, walkways, and other well-used walking areas that lead to and from your landscape. Our knowledgeable professionals can help with planning, design, and execution of your landscape design options.