Land erosion can be a tricky problem to tackle, especially during the rainy seasons. One method of solving this issue is hydroseeding, an innovative technique for applying grass seed. If you’ve had unrelenting erosion on your property, this might be a good solution for your Bristol, RI, landscape. Here’s how this process can control your erosion:

Identifying Problem Areas

Erosion’s trickiness has everything to do with pinpointing the exact issue—shifting earth can be deceptive about its origin and endpoint. Causes of erosion can be poor soil quality, low drainage, and weather elements. You may have compacted soil, or perhaps your landscape is insufficient for the amount of precipitation you receive. One way to identify areas where your soil is eroding is to look for areas of patchy grass where the dirt is showing through underneath. Having areas where grass has stopped growing can indicate that the soil cannot support growth due to shifting soil. If left untreated, areas like this will continue to decline and the erosion will keeping receding your grass. You might also see an area that does have grass but has formed cleavages that could be a trip hazard.

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Hydroseeding for Growth

Hydroseeding involves the seed being mixed with a carrier material and water, which is then applied with a spraying mechanism. This method can be used on your existing lawn, which would be prepped before the application. You could also choose this method for seeding an area with no existing growth. This is a great way to grow a new lawn, and this method can also be used with other seeds aside from grass. Use this method with wildflower seeds to create a native garden that’s beautiful, brings pollinators, and controls erosion naturally. This is a great solution for areas where grass wouldn’t be an option, and the roots from wildflowers go down much deeper than grass. The roots both aerate the soil and allow for water to penetrate into the ground, reducing water runoff and eliminating erosion. It’s an environmentally sound alternative, and one that is sure to control landscape erosion.

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Benefits and Results

This method is superior to hand or machine seeding for a number of reasons. The water and medium mix with the seed for maximum adhesion. This ensures a swifter and better germination, with hydroseeding generally producing growth within the first five to seven days. This also keeps your seeds safe from the many creatures that feast on seeds, like mice, birds, and insects. Try to avoid stepping on newly seeded areas, as the weight can compact the seeds and inhibit growth. Within only a couple weeks of your application, you will begin to see growth. Because the roots dig into the soil and drink water, mature grass or wildflowers will help absorb heavy rainfall and keep the dirt from shifting.

Hydroseeding is a reliable way to solve your erosion issues. Our professionals can walk you through the process and fix your landscape worries for good. Contact us today with any additional questions you have or to schedule a consultation.