At Premier Landscape, we provide both landscaping and hardscaping services for homeowners and businesses across Newport County and beyond. Some of these services require us to work close to or along protected, state-owned property and fragile coastal shorelines.

Areas such as beaches, sand dunes, barriers, cliffs, bluffs, wetlands, banks or rocky shores as well as historic landmarks are all carefully cared for under the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC). In order to maintain or change these delicate natural areas, landscaping companies must be CRMC Certified Invasive Managers (IM’s).

What is the Rhode Island CRMC?

Serving as an independent state regulatory agency, the CRMC is responsible for the protection, preservation, development and restoration of Rhode Island’s coastal areas. The governing body is composed of 16 members from various fields ranging from meteorologists, marine biologists and environmental conservationists as well as state and local government officials and representatives from the general public.

Since it’s beginning in 1971, the CRMC’s goal is to spread awareness about the importance of preserving our coastal resources and views as well as to educate the general public about best practices when it comes to land preservation. The council regulates all areas that extend from 3 miles offshore to two hundred feet inland from any coastal feature.

The regulation of this coastal buffer zone as it’s known may seem straightforward, but issues may arise when homeowners and businesses want to make landscaping and or hardscaping changes along or within this zone — but that’s where Premier Landscape comes in.

Premier Landscape is a Certified Company

The CRMC has a permitting staff which reviews, rejects or approves permit applications to work within the coastal buffer zone. Gairad DeCastro, Owner at Premier Landscape in Portsmouth RI, applied for the CRMC Certified Invasive Managers permit in order to provide better landscape services to customers throughout Newport County.

Now as a CRMC Certified IM’s company, DeCastro and his team of professional landscapers are able to carefully work in and along the this buffer zone to improve and preserve Rhode Island’s beauty.

Why Choose a Certified Landscaper

Living or owning a business along Rhode Island’s coastal shoreline certainly has it’s perks and benefits; beautiful views, access to trails and beaches. Unfortunately, many homeowners and business owners will unknowingly make changes to pars of their property that lies within the coastal buffer zone. The result? Hefty fines.

The CRMC is also responsible for issuing violation notices to those who violate the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Program. Premier Landscape can work with those who have received violation notices to professionally improve your landscape. For those who aren’t sure what part of their yard they can or cannot change, contact our Newport County landscaping company today for any inquiries or project estimates!

Rhode Island coastal buffer zone

Benefits of Ecological Landscaping

  • Better wildlife habitat & improving biodiversity
  • More recreational opportunities for homeowners such as bird watching
  • Save money by planting native fruits & vegetables
  • Reduce heating & cooling costs with strategic planting of trees & shrubs
  • Minimizing air & water pollution by planting native species
  • Decrease instances of erosion along coastal cliffs & steep banks

Learn more about how you can improve your yard and your surrounding environment with ecological landscaping from Premier Landscape!

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