Giving your Jamestown, RI, home’s exterior the timeless class and beauty of natural stone has never been easier. With stone veneer sidings, you can have the authentic natural stone look that will work wonders for the aesthetics and value of your home at a fraction of the hassle and cost.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

Stone veneer can be found in both natural and manufactured stone variants. With natural stone sidings, you get the authentic natural stone look without the higher price. Manufactured stone veneer further expands your design options radically, opening up a nearly unlimited world of textures and colors. Moreover, modern manufactured stone processes have improved to an amazing extent that it is hard to differentiate faux stone from the real thing. Whether you want the rustic charm of stacked sandstone or the simple class of clay bricks, stone sidings can help you realize your vision. The thinner profile of the veneer also comes in handy if the tiles require cutting or shaping to fit contours. The wide range of colors and textures also means it is much easier to create a flowing, unified design and choose tiles that match existing elements of your home or landscape.


Natural stone masonry tends to be quite expensive due to the cost of the material as well as the expertise needed to install it. The quarried stone is generally roughly cut and requires a lot of labor to shape and install. In contrast, stone veneer tiles are already cut with precision and utilize less material because of their thinness. The convenient and precise component size and shape mean installation is not only quicker and less expensive but also much more exact. These factors keep costs down.

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Easy Maintenance and Great Practicality

Once installed, stone veneer sidings are a cinch to maintain. Generally, a power wash is usually all that is required to remove the dirt and grime and have your home’s facade looking like new. Some types of stone veneer do require an annual or bi-annual application of a sealant to keep the surface protected. Despite the relatively thinner profile, the stone veneer also plays a role in protecting the underlying structural support as well as helping to insulate your home. The tiles are also quite hardy and generally stand up very well to the elements. Moreover, even in the unlikely scenario that a section of the sidings is damaged, it is much easier to get replacements. Especially with faux stone sidings, you have the surety of getting replacement tiles that would fit in perfectly which can be quite a challenge with natural stone.

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The Importance of a Quality Installation

While stone veneer sidings are generally quite durable on their own, the durability and beauty of the finished product highly depend on the skill and expertise of the contractor. Preparing the underlying surface for the application of perfectly mixed mortar can make the difference between tiles coming loose in a few years or lasting for decades.