You would be surprised how easily you can improve your home’s appearance by adding some well-placed outdoor lights. Outdoor lighting is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners in both urban and suburban settings due to it’s easy and affordable installation process. However, the benefits don’t stop there! There are many reasons why homeowners in the Newport County area should consider outdoor lighting this season.

  1. Safety First. Sure, it’s always great to have some light so as to avoid stepping on sticks, stones or the dreaded rogue dog poop, but the real safety benefit is preventing intruders. In fact, a home without lights on is twice as likely to attract unwanted guests as one with lights on. We recommend walkway lights that are motion sensitive or deck and patio lights.
  2. Aesthetics. Outdoor lighting is also a great option to showcase features such as ponds, fountains, pools and flowers or trees. It’s always fun to highlight a particular aspect of your yard that you’re proud of and is an easy way to create mood lighting around an outdoor space. Premier recommends low voltage “soft light” that’s easy on the eyes.
  3. Extended Usability. Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you should have to call it a night and head inside. Many of our previous clients in the Newport County area have opted for hardscaping features such as outdoor seating and fire pit areas. In order to get more use out of these types of areas, outdoor lighting is an important feature to include.

If you’re hoping to improve your home’s curb appeal, security and usability, contact our Rhode Island landscape design company today to discuss outdoor lighting options. All of our projects are individually customized to meet your yard’s needs.