Hardscapes are always a beautiful and functional addition to any yard for homeowners. There are countless designs to choose from to make your space unique, as well as many different building materials to consider.

Not sure whether to add a patio or walkway to your yard? Here are a few benefits to invest improving your property.

More Space for Entertaining

If you and your family tend to have a lot of guests over, or have always wanted to be able to have gatherings at your home, then a patio is the perfect addition for the job. For those warm summer nights you’ll want to be able to enjoy a built-in fire pit or a water feature while chatting with your friends and family on a comfortable seating wall. Patios are a great place to put your grill for those backyard BBQs, and there will be plenty of seating space for a picnic table and chairs.

Increased Home Value

Wooden raised decks are always a nice addition to any home, however it’s a patio and walkway that will really improve your home’s value. Decks often require yearly maintenance work such as re-staining the wood and replacing planks. A stone walkway and patio however will last for 15-20 years with little to no maintenance in between. Stone patios and walkways also give your home’s exterior a more appealing look that will blend in with the surrounding landscape. Decks on the otherhand will often block your backyard view with railings.

Improved Outdoor Safety

Are you having a get together that requires guests to walk around to the backyard to reach the party? Having a walkway that wraps around from the front to the back yard will greatly improve the safety of your yard. Visitors who don’t know your yard very well may end up tripping on roots, stones or shrubs on their way through, but a patio will pave a smooth surface to their destination. During the winter months in Rhode Island, you will also be able to shovel a clear path for your family or even your pet. Don’t forget that patio and walkway lighting can be easily installed with the help of a professional landscaping company.

Update your yard today with the help of Premier Landscape, Newport County’s go-to landscaping and hardscaping company. Our professionals will help you design the patio and walkway of your dreams — simply contact us for a free project estimate.