Pool patios are one part of the hardscape that have tremendous potential with regards to design possibilities. Adding one or more custom features to your Barrington, RI, pool patio can help to put this space to better use, and give your landscape design a unique look. Here are some ideas:

Rock Features

Rock features can range from just a few boulders to large rock walls with lush plants growing throughout. To create a rock feature that is the centerpiece of your pool patio, consider a large rock feature coupled with a water feature – a waterfall or stream – at the head of your pool. This is a great way to blend the rest of the landscape with your pool’s edge.
For this to be effective, it’s important to make sure that the rock feature appears as natural as possible. The professionals at Premier Landscape have the tools and experience to create a beautiful rock feature to enhance and complement your pool patio.

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Borders and Accents

A simple yet effective way to improve the look of your pool patio is by implementing borders and accents into the paver layout of the design. A simple border around the edge of the pool will add a pop of color and neatly frame the area. These border pavers can accent the exterior of your home or other parts of the design. You can also continue the border into other sections of your hardscape to create a cohesive design throughout your landscape. For example, if you have a seating area nearby, you may want to run the border along the walkway and around the seating as a visual invitation to guests to enjoy these parts of your patio.

Abstract Shapes

Set your pool patio apart from the norm by choosing an abstract, customized shape for your poolside surrounds. When trying to improve the design of your pool patio, this is a great place to start. A redesign of a pool patio’s layout from a conventional shape to something more inspired can drastically improve the visual appeal of your landscape. The design possibilities are endless, and a Premier Landscape professional will ensure that the new design is made to suit your landscape’s unique design needs. When considering your design, a simple rounding of the corners or a cutout for stairs is a subtle step towards achieving a modern pool patio. Alternatively you could also choose a more dramatic redesign that implements abstract curves and shapes to create a truly unique layout.

Water Features

Water features can be perfect for livening up a pool patio design. The serene ambience created by flowing water will add to the experience of your pool patio. Having the sound of soft, running water is something that will make those days relaxing by the pool all that much more enjoyable. Besides the calming sounds they produce, water features also add to the luxurious appearance of a pool patio by introducing movement and drama. Whichever design aesthetic you’re interested in for you pool patio, Premier Landscape can help you create a water feature that looks and sounds great.

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