Raised patios and decks are perfect solutions for defining a particular space in your landscape. An expert hand in masonry would take yours to another level, so to speak, by adding in a new feature like an outdoor fireplace or bringing more style to an existing element with some masonry accents. Here are a few masonry ideas to consider for your Jamestown, RI, raised deck or patio.

Accent Pillars

Masonry-style pillars can add an instant touch of elegance to your raised deck or patio. A common way to do this, without compromising the structural integrity of your existing landscape design, is to embellish the lower half of the pillar with your favorite style of masonry coping. The color of the masonry can be chosen by considering the exterior shades of your deck or raised patio. Contrast the color of the stone with the color of the jointing compound for a final touch.

Stairway Railing and Steps

Don’t forget to utilize the railings in your deck or raised patio design. Stairway railings paired with masonry can be a wonderful and durable solution for your stairs. Masonry stairs also come with an advantage over many other material options. It doesn’t require refinishing like wood, for instance. Masonry gives you a long-lasting low maintenance option for your stairway railings and steps.

Seat Walls

Masonry seat walls are a great way to express your design sense with the help of the experts at Premier Landscape. Seat walls can be a great way to create enclosure without completely dividing a space of your patio or raised deck. This makes seat walls the perfect candidate for incorporating stone masonry elegantly throughout your entire raised patio or deck area.

When working with such a large surface as a seat wall, some homeowners opt for monotony in the design. But you could get creative: Masonry allows you to add accents of different colors that add depth to the seat wall. A simple accent line can be added across the bottom or top of the seat wall’s back. This accent line can be added on its own or alongside other accents, too. Alternating colors along the entire back of the seat wall would result in an extra special masonry design.

Grill Island

Outdoor kitchens become the focal point of a party—emphasize this main feature of your landscape even more by placing it on a raised patio or deck. Enjoy the view from your raised deck or patio while using a masonry-structured grill island to your design. Adding masonry to the design gives you the entire space a feel of Old Europe. Stone masonry and sleek, stainless steel appliances go hand-in-hand to create a modern version of this Old Europe aesthetic. If you desire more masonry in your outdoor kitchen area, try a backsplash in your outdoor kitchen is another possibility.

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Custom Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces are a great addition to any outdoor living area. They bring warmth along with a natural focal point for your raised patio or deck. The advantage of a stone masonry fireplace is that there are dozens of different combinations of texture and colors. This gives you the opportunity to influence the outcome of your ideal fireplace. Choose colors all the way down to the jointing compound for a completely customized design.