An outdoor kitchen is one of the most popular landscaping upgrades. If you’re looking to add functional entertainment space to your Jamestown, RI backyard, installing an outdoor kitchen will meet both these needs. Premier Landscape’s outdoor design specialists can create an outdoor kitchen that extends your living space outdoors and enhances your landscape design.

Choose Your Design Style

When creating a landscape plan, a good starting place is to select a landscape theme or design style. Your perfect outdoor space should speak to your tastes and feel like a personal oasis. Sometimes your design theme is influenced by the style of your home, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Consider a modern backyard if you like sleek lines and a minimalistic feel. If your tastes are more traditional, a classic English garden will allow for form and structure in your landscape. For a backyard that looks the way nature intended, an informal country garden is the perfect choice. A rustic landscape combines natural elements such as wood and stone to create a low-maintenance, relaxed atmosphere.

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Selecting Your Material

There are so many choices available for outdoor kitchen materials. Masonry kitchens are a popular choice because of their durability and fire resistance. When working with masonry you have a choice of wet-laid or dry-stacked masonry styles.

With wet-laid masonry, mortar is used to bind the stones together. Mortar fills in the gaps between stones and creates a very stable end product. Wet-laid masonry is a good choice for high-traffic areas, seating walls and retaining walls because of its strength and durability.

Dry stack masonry does not use mortar to create a bond between stones. Each stone is laid based on its shape and fit with the surrounding stones. The appearance of dry stone masonry elements will vary depending on the type of stone used. In the past, dry stacked walls were made with natural or hand cut stones. Today, manufactured options are available which provide a cleaner look and a wide selection of styles. A stone veneer can also be used to achieve the same effect. Dry laid stone provides a more rustic feel than mortared stone and is an excellent choice for creating a rustic-style landscape.

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Using Stacked Stone in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Depending on the size of your outdoor kitchen, there are a number of ways to incorporate stone into the design. The grill island is the hub of your outdoor kitchen and can set the feel for your space. Stacked stone or stone veneer can create a grill island with a rustic look and is available in a selection of different colors.

If you have a large outdoor kitchen, stacked stone can also be used in other areas. Enhance the rustic feel of your kitchen with a stacked stone bar, seating wall or privacy wall. A pizza oven is a great addition that will look at home in a rustic outdoor kitchen.

Add Warmth

Take your outdoor kitchen to the next level by adding a fire feature. A fireplace or fire pit will create warmth and add ambiance while extending the hours you can enjoy your outdoor space. Almost any fire feature will look stunning when finished with a stacked stone that coordinates with your outdoor kitchen.