Now is the time to start thinking about spring backyard improvement projects for your home! As the ground thaws in Rhode Island, our Portsmouth-based landscaping company is able to break ground and start your backyard hardscaping project. If you’ve always wanted a backyard patio to improve the look and functionality of your home, you’ve come to the right place. All you need is to decide why type of material you want.

To help you make the right choice for your budget and needs, here is a complete list of all the patio material options.

  • Brick. Brick has a beautiful rustic appeal, comes in many colors and is very durable. Unfortunately brick tends to slip, shift and crack. Brick patios need to be hand-laid either over dry sand or mortared over concrete.
  • Concrete. The possibilities of shape and size are endless; it’s low maintenance, comes in many colors and is slip resistant and durable. However, concrete is prone to cracking and is not permeable. Concrete must be poured in place and needs time to set.
  • Flagstone. Usually available from a local source, flagstone give a beautiful natural appearance to a yard and is slip resistant. Keep in mind that they can crack and are subject to erosion over time. Flagstone needs to be hand laid over dry sand or mortared over concrete.
  • Cobblestone. A great old-world appeal and available in a variety of colors and can be arranged in many different patterns. Like brick, cobblestone is not slip resistant and tends to be a very uneven surface. Must be hand laid over dry sand or mortared over concrete.
  • Permeable pavers. One of the best options for homeowners, permeable pavers are durable, come in many colors and can be arranged in multiple patterns. Pavers can eventually settle and become uneven if they aren’t installed properly (which is why it’s important to call a professional landscaper). They need to be installed via excavation and then hand laid over dry sand, gravel or compacted.
  • Gravel. Usually best for driveways, gravel for patios is often affordable, quick to install and permeable. Unfortunately it erodes, shifts and can be tracked into the home. Gravel needs to be spread over an area and then compacted.
  • Tile. A very decorative, colorful option and often associated with Spanish architecture. However tile patios are expensive, are subject to cracks and aren’t permeable. Tiles must be hand laid and mortared over concrete.

Not sure what patio material is best for your yard? No worries! Contact our Newport County RI landscaping company today and our professional landscapers will help you determine what your best options are.