You love to entertain…family, friends, neighbors, even your children’s teammates in Jamestown, RI. But a mess in the house is something that you don’t love. The thought of taking the party outdoors permanently is appealing for a variety of reasons. Keeping things orderly is one and so is the premise of new features you can introduce to your backyard that encourage good times and long evenings. Imagine an outdoor fireplace surrounded by comfortable furniture that would allow your guests to relax with the ambiance of a fire. Here are six ways to make it truly special:

Three-sided Fireplace

A free-standing stone fireplace with open sides allows for entertaining people with multiple interests. The kids can roast marshmallows without hindering the warmth and glow for the adults. An attractive copper roof adds ageless beauty, while extra firewood could be stored in a nook underneath.  

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Outdoor Living Room Fireplace

Having a stone fireplace in a covered outdoor living room removes the worry of whether the weather will cooperate. Overstuffed couches and end tables for holding snacks means that you don’t have to traipse into the house for refreshments once the fun begins. Add a built-in drink area with a mini fridge and you can enjoy your guests as long as the fire burns.  

Outdoor Dining Room Fireplace

Imagine a table for 12 in your outdoor dining room, with a gorgeous stone fireplace to add warmth and charm. Having dinner with friends and family by the fire on a late summer night while the lights twinkle overhead is just the kind of relaxing weekend activity you need to gear up for a busy week.

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Porch Fireplace

If one of your favorite ways to bring calm to the end of your day is to unwind on your back porch, then a nearby fireplace would be the perfect addition. You will love nothing more than building a wood fire in your brick and stone fireplace—it brings warmth on chilly days and a feeling of contentment on a summer evening.  

Attached Patio Fireplace

No patio would be complete without a stacked stone fireplace to roast marshmallows while your family enjoys spending time together outside. This could be a perfectly seamless extension of your home, a regular gathering place to chat about your day. A deep hearth made of flagstone can provide more seating for friends to join, too.

Elevated Deck Fireplace

Imagine a double-decker fireplace, one below on your patio and a second fireplace on a higher-level deck. You would be able to entertain a large party with the warmth and ambiance a stone fireplace provides, or you could entertain a few friends by the patio fireplace. Party pacing would not be an issue.

Whether you love contemporary or rustic, there is a stone fireplace suited to your style. Premier Landscape is recognized throughout Rhode Island for customized hardscape and landscape designs, impeccable first-class service, and quality results.