Masonry is one way to rejuvenate a tired landscape. At the same time, it can increase the functionality of your outdoor space. If you’re wondering how masonry can give you the outdoor living experience you want, here are 6 ways masonry can update a dated outdoor living space in Tiverton, RI.

Optimize the Space with Masonry Walls

Feeling cramped on a patio could be due to the layout. Budget constraints often have people choosing smaller outdoor living spaces, which quickly fill up with patio furniture to the point where people are climbing over chairs to move around. But expanding the size isn’t the only answer. Installing a seat wall that surrounds your patio dramatically reduces your need for patio furniture. 

If your fireplace or fire pit area is overcrowded with Adirondack chairs, building amphitheater-style masonry seating lets more people fit comfortably together to share the warmth and good conversation. Adding a seat wall next to an outdoor kitchen also gives people a place to sit and converse without adding to the clutter.

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Pavers and Walls That Reflect Who You Are

Back in the day, a wood deck or a poured concrete slab were the only options for outdoor living. Today, you can create a completely custom space that reflects your personality using concrete pavers and wall units that come in a mind-boggling array of styles, colors, shapes, textures, and finishes. Some mimic natural stone or clay brick; others are unabashedly manmade. Modern trends favor plank-like and oversized pavers underfoot and mixed sleek and rugged textures on walls. But even traditional materials laid in fresh patterns and color combinations can rejuvenate the space.

A Fresh New Driveway and Walkway

Many homes still feature asphalt driveways and poured concrete front entry walkways that lack curb appeal. Update your driveway with eco-friendly permeable pavers that allow rainwater and snowmelt to seep into the ground through the joints between the pavers. Add panache to your front entry walkway with elegant pavers. Add an attractive and luxurious welcome with stone pillars at the bottom of the driveway.

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A Hidden Treasure

A romantic paver mini-patio can make use of a neglected side yard, turning it into an intimate seating area or meditation corner that’s away from the more dynamic energy of the backyard. Add a masonry bench and a masonry privacy wall that doubles as a vertical garden for a wonderfully secluded getaway!

A Practical Cooking and Dining Area

Many outdoor cooking areas consist of a grill station. Update the grill station with a fresh stone veneer, and add a bar where friends and family can gather while dinner is cooking. A bar also serves double duty as a clutter-free dining space.

Mixed Materials

Modern trends lean toward simplicity, minimalism, neutral color palettes, and mixed materials. An oiled teak privacy fence next to large-format pavers transforms your space into a tranquil spa-like getaway. Wooden benches supported by masonry pillars offer seating options with a more open feel than solid masonry walls. A rustic boulder-lined fire pit surrounded by sleek pavers and a stacked-flagstone-veneer seat wall is a wonderful mix of styles and materials that boldly combine the natural and the manmade.

Updating your hardscape with masonry will give your outdoor space a fresh feel. We’re committed to creating outdoor spaces that you will love just as much today as twenty years from now.