5 Tricks Landscapers Near Me in Tiverton RI Use to Enhance Outdoor Living Spaces

Your Tiverton, RI, backyard could become an outdoor extension of your living space with a few upgrades. The process begins with a search for “landscapers near me” and taking in ideas for enhancing your outdoor experience. Check out these tricks that landscapers use to make the most of outdoor living spaces, for some inspiration on your next project.


Pretty Patio

A paved patio would ensure that you always have a reason to enjoy your backyard. Picture stepping out in the morning with bare feet and not having to worry about them getting wet. Nowadays, there are a variety of options when it comes to picking out pavers, with a mix of textures, color tones, and styles that will complement your home. One trick that landscapers like to use to enhance the look of an outdoor space is to mix and match paving materials to create a custom look. Whether you want to add a unique design, create borders, or simply define areas, mixing and matching materials and colors is a great way to add interest to your landscape.


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Get from here to there without muddy, messy feet by having a perfectly paved walkway installed. Whether you need to formalize a path on the side of your home or simply need to connect different outdoor recreation spaces, paver walkways could be just what your landscape needs for a more sophisticated aesthetic. Your landscaper could tie in your new walkway with another beautiful feature in your landscape, such as by using similar materials for your walkway that lead to a stone outdoor fireplace.


Outdoor Steps

A tiered backyard that offers separate activities at different levels requires outdoor steps. There are a variety of creative ways that you can incorporate steps into your overall plan, including adding them to retaining walls or building them directly into the landscape. Outdoor stairs can add a finished look to your backyard living spaces, while adding safety to steep sections of your property.


Outdoor Kitchen

Take your love of cooking on the grill to the next level by installing a custom outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen could add value to your property and enhance the overall look of your outdoor living space. Paired next to a deluxe outdoor dining space, you’ll be able to entertain guests and eat alfresco any time, all while helping to elevate the look of your property.


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Outdoor Fireplace

Warm and inviting, outdoor fireplaces help to give your backyard a truly homey feel. Whether situated next to your outdoor dining space or nestled in a special corner of your yard, an outdoor fireplace becomes the perfect place to relax with family and friends when the sun goes down. Consider incorporating stone seating near your fireplace, like a curved retaining wall, to extend the cozy feel that an outdoor fireplace brings. Add your favorite outdoor furniture in a semi-circular fashion and you’ll have a new favorite place to snuggle outdoors.

Which one of these excellent options gives you inspiration for your next outdoor upgrade? Speak to your trusted landscape professionals and see what tricks they have to offer to help enhance your outdoor spaces.