Nothing tastes as great as food cooked outside, from the satisfaction of barbecuing to the novelty of not being closed in by four walls when it’s time to get dinner on the table. Add comfortable seating, a refrigerated section, and some lighting, and you have an outdoor kitchen in your Portsmouth, RI, backyard that’s highly functional and likely to become your new favorite space. If the idea of an outdoor kitchen intrigues you, here are five popular outdoor kitchen design features to consider.

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You have your choice of appliances that can make your outdoor cooking experience a breeze. A cooktop means you can truly create an entire meal outside. With a deep sink that simplifies the act of prepping food and washing up, there is no longer a need to travel back and forth from outside to inside. A cooler keeps your beverages at just the right temperature. For a special addition, consider a pizza oven that can cook not only pizza but other foods like homemade bread. Chrome accents and stainless steel appliances can keep the appliances looking current.

An Urban Look

Very light-toned paving stones and stainless steel countertops can add to your outdoor kitchen’s modern feel. Choosing the same toned stones for the flooring, walls for the grill and cooktop and columns lends a cool elegance to your outdoor kitchen design.
Consider continuing the countertops from your interior kitchen to the outdoor kitchen to create continuity in appearance. Add in earthy wood elements, such as a vertical wood screen or natural wood pergola, since wood works so beautifully with contemporary elements. Of course, black and gray always yield a very classy, cool look for any outdoor kitchen.

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Having adequate seating for your family and guests is an important part of making sure everyone feels welcome and at ease. Choose seating that is comfortable and functional. Metal accents, Plexiglas tables, and wood benches are contemporary touches that also bring beauty to your outdoor kitchen. A built-in seating arrangement may be a more functional of way of keeping guests close to the cooking area.

Lighting and Plants

Illuminating your modern Portsmouth, RI, outdoor kitchen is a personal preference—some people prefer bold, large fixtures, while others like lower level lighting that is not overtly noticeable but provides a glow for evening entertaining. Large, geometric shaped planters could hold focal point trees and seasonal flowers to bring a living palette to your outdoor space.

Fire Feature

Extend the use of your new outdoor kitchen by adding a fire feature. It is possible to get an outdoor meal going in the off-season when you have a fire pit or fireplace nearby. Even on a warm summer evening, lighting the fire is a great way to relax outside after dinner, chatting with friends over drinks. As the weather cools, a sleek, modular fire feature can provide just the spot to cozy up and watch your favorite team play.

While an outdoor kitchen is meant to be functional and convenient, it also makes cleanup easy, so you can visit with your guests instead of running back and forth. This outdoor feature can also increase the value of your home. A full-service landscaping company can design an outdoor space that is unique to your personal desires, from furniture choices to fire features to the perfect grill station.