5 Landscape Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Patio in the Middletown, RI, Area

Figuring out how to bring improvements to your landscape with a new or improved patio does not have to be a mystery. A landscape contractor can work closely with you to help your choose the best materials for your Middletown, RI, patio, along with helping you refine your style. With a little imagination and a few of the following landscape design ideas, you can be on your way to creating an enjoyable outdoor oasis in your backyard.


Gorgeous Greenery to Admire

What will your eyes land upon as you relax on your new paver patio? If you’re missing a beautiful garden within eyesight of your patio, you could incorporate plantings along as part of your patio design. A professional landscape designer can guide you and help you choose native plants and flowers that will thrive in Rhode Island while also setting up your patio area to have beautiful greenery for years to come. Consider adding raised flower beds for beauty, dense hedges for privacy or even an edible garden to help bring the joy of nature right into your own backyard.


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A Fire Feature for Coziness and Warmth

A fire pit or outdoor fireplace would bring your patio a much needed touch of warmth when temperatures drop. These fire features offer a great way to comfortably enjoy the outdoors during chilly months, and once yours is installed, your patio will become a magnet for family and friends to hang out on your property. Sing-alongs, s’mores, and stargazing are all better next to an open fire! A fire feature would give your patio an instant upgrade that you can enjoy for many years, as a beautiful investment you’ll enjoy no matter the season.


Adding onto the Patio with an Outdoor Kitchen

Make your patio your new favorite dining room when you install an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. BBQs, birthday parties, and weekends at home are all more enjoyable when you can cook outdoors. Plus, you will never have to leave the action while you host, as you can cook and visit with family and friends at the same time.


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Retaining Walls to Surround the Patio

Define your patio space in style with an expertly constructed retaining wall. Not only do retaining walls help to keep soil in its place, but they can help provide a finishing touch to your patio area for a clean and classic look. Plus, retaining walls can double as seating when extra guests drop by!


Cool Cabana or Pretty Pergola

Looking for a shady place to get away? A cabana or pergola designed to coordinate with your home and patio setting could be the perfect way to upgrade your outdoors. Covered areas instantly become cozy retreats for curling up with a book and a cup of coffee or catching up with a friend. A landscape designer can help you decide which styles and materials would work best with your personal tastes, so you’ll feel like you have it made in the shade.

Ready to make your dreams a reality? Gather some of your favorite porch upgrade inspirations and contact your local landscape design expert. Your oasis is closer than you think!