You may have the most beautiful garden in your backyard, complete with well-trimmed hedges and fully grown trees, but what is a yard without a beautiful patio to enjoy the view?

It’s time to replace that old outdated patio with something spacious and modern. Hiring a hardscaping company in Rhode Island can help you make your dream patio into a reality by aiding in the design work and doing all the heavy lifting for you. Here are a few expert tips Premier Landscape recommends.

  1. Choose pavers. Instead of a massive concrete slab awkwardly placed at your back door, opt for pavers. Pavers are carved stones which function like a concrete slab, but will give your patio a more modern look — and they’re easy to replace. They come in a wide variety of materials and colors to choose from.
  2. Add some heat. There’s nothing better than having a few friends or family over and sitting by a built-in fire pit. Professional landscaping companies in Rhode Island highly recommend this feature for homeowners as it’s a great way to get people outside and is wallet-friendly while adding value to your home.
  3. Cool things off. Not a fan of the fire pit? Instead, add some natural sounds to your backyard by installing a water feature. Premier Landscape has designed dozens of gorgeous water features for homeowners; simply choose the material and we’ll give you a few design ideas.
  4. Make it bright. Let’s face it, the outdoor flood lights that are installed on your house don’t make for the most relaxing time on a patio at night. It’s time to invest in some weather-resistant permanent light fixtures. Any Rhode Island landscaper should be able to provide you with outdoor lighting options that are cost effective. LED lighting in particular is very popular and uses 90% less energy than other lights.
  5. Quality furniture. Why purchase cheap furniture after you’ve invested in a beautiful outdoor patio? Although ready-to-assemble furniture is inexpensive, it may not last as long as you would hope. Look for outdoor seating and outdoor cushions that are weather resistant, or simply purchase a few Adirondack chairs to lounge in!

Need a few more ideas to improve your patio? Check out our portfolio of past landscaping projects we’ve completed for Rhode Island homeowners. Contact us for a free estimate on your project!