Hydroseeding has a number of uses for Jamestown, RI, commercial landscapes, but if you’re like most commercial businessowners, you may not know the benefits of this process. If you’re a commercial property owner and want to help your investment look its best, hydroseeding can be the easy option you’ve been looking for. Read on and we’ll show you 4 uses for hydroseeding to help take the mystery out of the process so you can make the most of your commercial landscape. 

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Erosion Control

Hydroseeding involves landscapers spraying a slurry of seed and mulch from a tank over a wide area. This process is a fast way to cover steep, inaccessible areas like hillsides and sloping lawns to help control erosion, and is a great alternative to traditional broadcasting or sowing dry seeds. This type of seeding is designed to stay put so you can be sure that grass will grow in areas on an incline. The results are quick and produce a high rate of germination so you can quickly and efficiently cover large areas of property and prevent your soil from washing away. 

Accelerated Grass Growth

Don’t want to wait for results? The slurry of seed and mulch used in the hydroseeding process helps to produce grass growth in about 3-4 weeks, so you’ll be ready to get your commercial property mowed in no time. This is possible because the seed and mulch work together to help shield the seed from wind, sun, and erosion, creating a bond with the soil so it stays put. The fiber mulch also helps to maintain moisture around the seed, which also adds to the accelerated growth of your grass. Plus, the process can all be done in a short period of time for a quick and efficient way to care for your commercial property. 

Unsightly Spot Cover

Another benefit of the hydroseeding slurry is that it is sometimes dyed green to help make the application process more attractive. Your commercial property will still look its best while you’re helping to take care of the landscaping. You don’t have to worry about the process negatively affecting your business. Plus, as the grass grows in, the dyed mulch simply blends into the soil and landscape so all you’re left with is a lush green lawn.  

Less Weeds

Starting from scratch? Hydroseeding a large area with pure seed and mulch slurry can help you to ensure that larger areas of property are free of weeds. While you’ll still need to regularly maintain the property, you’ll have less likelihood of weeds from the very start. You’ll have a fresh carpet of consistent grass that looks great. 

If you’re concerned about erosion, weeds, or quickly covering up thin or unsightly areas of grass on your commercial property, then make hydroseeding a must on your maintenance to-do list. It’s a highly effective way to make your investment look its best so you can enjoy a high-quality landscape for little effort and in little time. 

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