The front entrance of your Little Compton, RI, home can go a long way in determining the overall look and curb appeal of your property. The ideal front entrance should have a balance of softscaping and hardscaping, as well as the right features and design to suit your home. Here are 4 ideas to achieve this:

Dominant driveways

A well designed and well-built driveway is one of the foremost items for an impressive front entrance. Driveways tend to dominate the visuals of a front entrance and are often underdesigned with bland asphalt or poured concrete construction. Concrete pavers tend to give you more design diversity with comparable durability, allowing your driveway to be an integral part of your entrance design. Interlocking pavers offer a huge variety of textures and colors, making them easily adaptable to both traditional and modern designs. Moreover, they also allow you to further accentuate your design with laying patterns and add visual contrast with the clever use of borders and accents.

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Welcoming flower beds

A welcoming bed of flowers in full bloom can give your front entrance a dose of color, adding some natural colors to offset the hardscaping. Consider a combination of species that bloom in different seasons to keep your front entrance looking colorful all year around. Have the bed accented with evergreens to prevent bright colors from dominating and to give the beds a more neutral look. Choosing the right colors is also important, as you don’t want to overwhelm the design. You can also go the more practical route of having a bed of potted flowers which can be replaced each season to keep your entrance bright. Lastly, you can extend the color theme with planters placed along windows and strategically throughout your entrance design to maintain uniformity.

Water features

Water features can be integrated into your front entrance design in a variety of ways to serve different purposes. For natural landscapes, small waterfalls and ponds are the ideal way of seamlessly integrating water features with your existing landscape elements. If your design demands some additional grandeur, a traditional fountain can offer itself as a focal point for your front entrance. More modern variants of fountains, featuring sleek, clean-cut lines with glass and metal construction can be utilized in more contemporary entrances. Water features add an additional dimension to your entrance.

The right lighting plan

A proper lighting plan to highlight your front entrance is an integral part of any landscape design. Proper lighting can not only make your entrance more usable, but also much safer. Driveways and walkways should be lined with path lights which can help cars and pedestrians navigate in the dark. Any congregation points, such as decks and patios, should be lit subtly with wall sconces or recessed lights. Uplighting can also be used to highlight focal points such as fountains, large trees and flowering bushes. This will help to accentuate the vertical element of your design at night. Decorative lighting features, such as string lights around tree trunks, mason jar lights and ornate lanterns can also be used to add character and make your design truly unique.