Deciding to refresh your landscape, or to start from a clean slate, is a big decision. Choosing the right landscape company to undertake this important job is an even bigger decision. There are critical considerations when looking for “landscapers near me” for your Jamestown, RI, project.


Find Examples

When you can locate examples of what you love and what you want, this can help a landscape professional create the overall look you were hoping for. We have all driven by a home with a gorgeous landscape and thought, “Wow! That is so beautiful!” Those are the type of landscapes that you could take a photo to show the landscape expert that you hire.

If you are bold, you could even stop to ask who did that gorgeous yard that you love so much. Recommendations are a great way to get a start on who can replicate the aesthetic that you desire. When a customer is happy with the way a backyard turned out, chances are that you will be, too.


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Narrow Your List

Narrow your list of landscapers to the top two or three that appear to be promising. One of the critical unseen qualities that you want in a landscape company is a high level of communication and the feeling of being understood. If you experience a problem during the project, is there a designated person who will help you, and are you comfortable conferring with this person?

The value of excellent communication and interactions cannot be overstated. Choose a landscaping company that is open to correcting problems and inclined to look for solutions to unexpected complications. This can be one of your top priorities when asking references what they think about their landscapers.


Request to See Certifications and Proof of Insurance

Certifications and membership in professional organizations can go a long way to ensuring that you are hiring a true professional. To be part of a professional organization, a landscape company needs to have demonstrated a certain level of accomplishment and expertise.

Insurance is a critical component of a landscape job. Ask to see proof of insurance to protect yourself against getting stuck with a bill for a mishap that happened on your property. Professional landscape companies insure their employees, their machinery, and you as a client. This guards you from any financial responsibility should a tree come down or an accident occurs.


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Know How Much You Can Spend

Your budget for a landscape project may be limited at this time. A knowledgeable landscape expert can work with you to break the project into phases that can be accomplished and funded over time. They can help you focus on the components that are the most important to you, whether that is a masonry fireplace, custom swimming pool, or complete irrigation system.

With a decision that impacts both your home and your finances, you want to choose a reliable landscape company that can stay with you from the design phase all the way to the final installation. Ensuring that your outdoor space is both functional and pretty, a comprehensive landscape company has all of the tools necessary to create a custom plan for your Jamestown, RI, property.