If the idea of incorporating natural stone into your landscape design is motivating you to make some changes to your outdoor living space in Newport, RI, you have many options. Think of the many ways you could artistically add natural stone throughout your home’s exterior, from the flooring of your outdoor rooms to the walkways that get you from one point to the next.

Stepping Stones

Natural stone is a beautiful option for pavers. They blend in well with your natural surroundings and your man-made hardscape features, making them a fitting material for stepping stones that form paths around your property. You could opt for large pavers around 12-16 inches across with plenty of space in between each stepping stone. This will allow a good amount of grass to grow in between each stepping stone and give them a look of permanence.

If you have a large backyard with an abundance of flowers or trees, a walkway made of natural stone offers a noticeable contrast. On the other hand, for a smaller landscape, this material could offer an inviting path that connects the front of the yard to the back. As for a specific stone, you may want to stick to your landscape design’s existing color scheme or opt for a dark limestone, which always contrasts nicely against green grass.

Paver Rug

Paver rugs are an ingenious way to incorporate natural stone into your patio area. When a room is lacking color, one of the most common ways to introduce it into the design is by adding an area rug. Why not do that with your outdoor patio area but with a more permanent feature? Paver rugs are design elements incorporated into a part of your patio that you would like to subtly separate from the rest of the space. All eyes will go there, to your personalized design. Much like an interior area rug design, a paver rug utilizes different colors and designs to create contrast in the space. Use a mixture of light and dark colored natural stones such as sandstone or bluestone to create an eye-catching pattern.

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Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great addition to your outdoor living space. They add both a focal point and a warm place to enjoy company. When it comes to placing a fire pit away from your patio area and onto your lawn, the dirt around the fire pit can be unappealing. That’s where natural stone can make a difference. The glow of a fire pit will highlight the material’s beautiful features, which can also be fully enjoyed under the sun when the fire is out. You could also use the stepping stones mentioned above to connect your fire pit to your home in an elegant way.

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Wrap-Around Stairs

If your landscape has a slope, a wrap-around staircase of natural stone could become the highlight of your yard. This can be an ideal solution if you want to expand your outdoor living space and have been struggling to think of a way to do so. The stairs can become a focal point and even offer more seating options so that you no longer have to limit your guest lists.