An outdoor kitchen can transform your Barrington, RI, home and take your backyard hosting to another level. To ensure that your outdoor kitchen meets your needs, in terms of both appearance and function, make sure you’ve checked off these essential features:

Easy Transitions from Space to Space

Outdoor kitchens should be easy to use; awkwardness in getting around can slow down cooking and make using your outdoor kitchen less enjoyable. Consider where divisions might help make things easier as you work your way around. This doesn’t mean putting vertical walls between each working space, but putting thought into organization and navigation. Think about this outdoor room as being divided into dry, cold, hot, and wet sections. Storage space, counters for food prep, and cabinets fall into the dry section. The cold section includes the freezer, refrigerator, or wine coolers, while the hot section is all about your grill, pizza oven, stovetops, and so on. Consider any additional counter space and your sink as the dedicated wet section. Planning out such divisions allows for better health and safety practices, lets everyone in the family get in on the action, and, most importantly, makes cooking and serving that much easier.

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A major component of any modern outdoor kitchen is a grill. Charcoal, wood-pellet, and gas grills are options, and some homeowners opt for multiple types to get the taste they love. A 36-inch grill is a perfect size for many families, but you may find another size would make more sense. Some questions to consider are: how many people will be served each time, how often is the grill used, and are additions like side burners necessary to get the job done? Most important is quality —you want a hard-wearing option that complements your outdoor kitchen’s overall style.

Pizza Straight from the Oven

Pizza ovens are becoming a popular fixture in modern outdoor kitchens. Why order out when you can create your own, pop it in the oven, and have a perfect pizza ready in minutes? Gas-powered and wood fire pizza ovens are both have their own advantages. As for design, this decision can be made based on the kitchen’s general aesthetic. If you’ve used weathered, classic pavers and wall units, then consider a pizza oven that’s in line with that theme, and for a more modern, edgy look, sleek stainless steel is a good choice. Pizza ovens—and all outdoor kitchen appliances—should be made from high-quality weather-proof materials for durability.

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Seating and Space

A modern outdoor kitchen wouldn’t be complete without adequate seating and storage space. High bar stools placed around counters allow for conversation while the chef creates edible magic. Outdoor dining tables with comfortable seating just off the kitchen make for a smoothless transition once the burners are turned off. Storage also deserves careful consideration as you’ll want to keep as many utensils and cookware as possible in one place, without having to interrupt preparations by making runs inside for missing items.