Natural stone is not only versatile, but its beauty is incomparable. In North Kingstown, RI, there is no better way to create rustic or contemporary patio steps and walls than with natural stone masonry. Natural stone masonry will give you the beauty, functionality, and long-lasting patio stairs and walls you need to complement your home and landscape.

Color and Texture

When it comes to natural stone masonry, color and texture are what will make the patio. Consider having your landscape contractor work magic with the variety of colors available in natural stone. For example, a natural stone color that is close to the color of your home or other landscape features, but with a slightly different tone, will add a new level of depth and texture to your entire landscape. A patio wall and steps are an opportunity to introduce new, contrasting or complementary colors into the landscape. Texture is another element that can easily be implemented in your natural stone patio or wall. Your Premier Landscape contractor might consider using rough-cut or irregular stones in your patio steps and walls to add a new level of texture and depth to your patio. The texture and color of natural stone provides ample opportunity for unique, traditional, and always beautiful patio steps and walls, all while complementing your landscape and home.

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Natural Stone Paver Steps and Slabs

When creating patio steps with natural stone masonry, paver stones are sought for their versatility and resilience. For patio stairs that will see a lot of foot traffic, stone pavers are slip-resistant, and incredibly rugged. They are great for pool patios or areas that see their fair share of water, as they are not porous, and are weather-resistant. They come in as many shapes, sizes, textures, and colors as there are different types and cuts of natural stone. They are so versatile, in fact, that they can accommodate almost any design or taste. Because they are made of natural stone, they are naturally beautiful and never go out of style. If, however, you are looking for more dramatic natural stone masonry, consider using massive carved stones or slabs for your patio stairs. Natural stone slabs require no mortar and will last forever.

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Natural Stone Patio Walls and Built-in Seating

Natural stone patio walls never go out of style. They are perfect for a rustic look and the perfect complement for a country setting. Because of the subtle diversity and many varieties of natural stone, creativity can play a large role in your patio wall. For a unique and functional addition to the traditional natural stone wall, consider a natural stone, built-in seat wall. These seat walls are becoming incredibly popular. Your Premier Landscape contractor will be able to frame your patio with a natural stone wall to offer structure and, in this case, seating. Outdoor seating really makes a patio come alive. With the subtle and beautiful colors, textures, and shapes of natural stone, your built-in-seating wall can be as creative, simple, or interesting as you like. Plus, you will always have extra seating!