3 Masonry Ideas for Your Barrington, RI, Retaining Wall

Some homeowners tend to think that retaining walls are only meant to assist sloping backyards with erosion and drainage issues. While a retaining wall can certainly be useful for that purpose, it can also become a special part of your Barrington, RI, landscape, too. Here are some masonry ideas you may want to consider for a retaining wall.

Patio Wall

A retaining wall around your patio can serve many purposes. First, a low wall can increase the intimacy and privacy for your backyard patio. If you’re close with your neighbors but don’t necessarily want them to watching what you’re doing every time you entertain friends and family, a low wall can discreetly block some of the view.

Surround your wall with beautiful flowering rose bushes or camellia bushes, and it won’t look like you are shutting neighbors out but instead appear as if you simply made a beautiful addition to your yard. Plus, a low retaining wall can provide more seating for when you have a larger group over. Made of stacked stone or an earthy, tan hued stone, the coping on top of a masonry retaining wall provides a spot for setting up a drink area, an extra spot to rest, and a place to put a colorful pot filled with flowers.

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Pool Wall

A pool installed in an elevated area that’s surrounded by a masonry retaining wall would make a statement. This setup creates a focal point for your landscape that says, “We have fun here!” With enough space on the pool deck to set up tables, chairs, and umbrellas for shade, this would become the place to hang out all summer long. With stone steps from the yard leading to the pool, there could be a grassy area for badminton or horseshoes. To expand and enhance the use of your pool area, consider adding a masonry fire feature so that you can relax near the fire on a cool evening while the kids swim.

Columns with Fences

Another way to create a pretty, functional boundary for your property is to have masonry columns built on either side of wood fencing. Such columns would create a visual boundary while also adding to the privacy of your property. Classic and timeless, stone masonry columns complement any type of architecture. You might choose a rustic, uneven stone with traditional white or split rail fencing. Or a sleek, smooth contemporary stone connected with galvanized wire can continue the urban feel of your home.

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Add Lighting to Your Wall

While a retaining wall is certainly beautiful in the daytime, because the gorgeous stonework is on display, adding lights for after the sun goes down can bring drama to your landscape at night. You might choose to spotlight each masonry column, or you could have a soft wash of lights focused on the entire wall. Uplighting placed strategically on trees and larger shrubs draws the eye to your landscape with an understated but ambient look.

If a retaining wall would bring beauty and value to your property, consult with a full-service masonry landscape company. A professional staff can help you with the construction of a new wall, refurbishing of an existing wall, or replacement of a crumbling wall.