As the warm weather (slowly but surely) makes it’s way north, our Rhode Island landscaping company is gearing up for another great season of helping homeowners with all their landscaping needs. A yard wouldn’t be very functional without some hardscape features, which is why we provide hardscaping design and installation work alongside our landscaping services.
Premier Landscape has designed hundreds of custom hardscapes for residents across the Newport County area, and based upon this year’s requests so far, we’ve got the ultimate 2017 list of the best hardscape ideas for your yard.

  • Split-Level Patios. This is the ultimate landscape design for homeowners whose property is on a slope. All homeowners want to be able to utilize their backyard space, but many whose houses are built on a slope aren’t sure what to do with the awkward space. The solution is to built a tiered, or split-level patio system. One level can feature an outdoor kitchen and seating area, another a build-in fire pit, and another a beautiful garden full of local area flowers.
  • Permeable Paver Driveways & Walkways. Want something that’s going to last longer than a traditional asphalt driveway or a gravel walkway? Permeable Pavers are the best solution for homeowners who love the look of more natural stone but don’t want to skimp on functionality. These pavers, which work to funnel rainwater away from your property, are an environmentally friendly solution to traditional asphalt driveways. These pavers are also a better option for longer-lasting patios and walkways; the stones rarely need to be replaced!
  • Backyard in-ground poolIn-Ground Pools. As residents of Rhode Island, we love our water, and what better way to get our fix than an in-ground pool this season? Premier Landscape has designed dozens of custom-made pools for residents across Newport County. Our hardscaping company in RI is one of the best when it comes to meticulously drafting a pool design that fits well into your current yard. We highly recommend opting for privacy hedges as well or a fence to create your own little oasis.
  • Outdoor Kitchens. A repeat from last year’s list, outdoor kitchens continue to be a high-demand hardscape feature for homeowners. The thought of an outdoor kitchen may seem daunting to some homeowners, but keep in mind that your outdoor kitchen doesn’t always need to include all the bells and whistles. Depending on what your needs are and how much space your yard allots, Premier Landscape can work with you to determine what kitchen features you want most.
  • Water Features. We just can’t get enough of the soothing sound of water! Water features are a great focal point of any yard and allow homeowners to escape from their busy lives and relax. Premier Landscape designs and installs fountains, ponds, man-made streams and waterfalls — all of which are easily incorporated with the surrounding landscape and hardscape features.

Have a dream landscape in mind? Share it with us by contacting Premier Landscape for a free project estimate!